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the key to failure is trying to please everyone...

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hey guys i need ur opinion on somethin so ima tell u a story and u tell me wat u think of jimmy.....
so theres this girl named maude and shes friends with a boy named James because their friends James has Maudes number and Maude has James number but they have never actually called each other jus hung out when they happened to see each other somewhere so Maude has been tlkin to a boy named Jimmy for 2 weeks Jimmy goes to school with James a couple of days ago James mentioned to Jimmy that he has Maudes phone number Jimmy gets really upset and later he calls Maude saying he wants to take a remember Jimmy and Maude are not together they are JUST talkn.....AND is Maude not allowed to have guy friends or somethin?! WAT IS THIS so yea i think Jimmy is psyco and should be dropped wat do u think?? i mean imagine if Maude were to jus tlk to another boy in tha mall or somethin would he abuse her?! lemme kno watcha think thanx a bunch!

*ps this isnt about me cuz i woulda been stopped all communication with this boy*
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