Pinklemonade (pinklemonade) wrote in kp_girls,


Heya everyone. I went to kent place in 1st and 2nd grade... haha, got out early :oP
Doubt anyone would remember me, I'm a Junior in HS now- the name's Abbe.
Nice to meet ya!
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hi! i can't say i remember you, but i would've been at kp when you were there...i'm a freshman in college now, so i would've been in 3rd and 4th grade. my name's katie...hola.
lol good thing you left when u did =)
hiya, abbe, i'm cynthia (freshman and still going to kp after 10 years _ _)
whats the deal with all of this kent place hating? i dont get it! someone explain please. and if you ahte it so much, why dont ou leave?
I've got my reasons for hating it...
a) i never learned script there
b) or how to add or subtract
c) or tell time
d) the bus drivers were evil and always got lost, so i would get home between 1 and 3 hours after school ended, depending
e) remember the sex scandal? i was affected by that
f) a lot of the girls were really catty
g) and the teachers

but i have good memories of that place as well, so not all's lost. and i already did leave ;o)
Amen. I'm tired of people bitching about it, but that's what the community's for. We have to share our opinions.
haha..thats funny. im carly (freshmen) ..where yew live?
You know what's weird? I came into KP the year after you left, and I think I know who you are. Hmmm.